• Short stuff zinnias are a springtime favorite and are one of the most popular annuals offered.
  • As it might suggest, the flowers of short stuff mix are dwarfed as compared to most zinnias, and usually produce 3-4” flowers.
  • They produce full double blooms in colors of scarlet, pink, orange, yellow and white, along with green foliage.
  • Zinnias are very user-friendly. They will tolerate almost any soil type, prefer well-drained soil and love the heat.
  • You should pinch young stems back to encourage branching, and  deadhead spent plants to prolong flowering.
  • They grow in an upright habit and are bushy and compact. They are generally pest free.
  • Try mass planting them in a large area—the beautiful bright colors will look gorgeous! Whether you’re a beginner gardener or have an experienced green thumb, zinnias are a great choice for your garden!

Zinnia (Short Stuff Mix)

    • Blooming Season: Spring, Summer
    • Plant Habit: Mounded
    • Characteristics: Colorful/Attractive Foliage, Heat Tolerant, Low Maintenance
    • Water: Medium
    • Fertilize: Once a month
    • Spacing: 10 - 12"
    • Height: 12 - 14" 
    • Width: 10 - 12"
    • Exposure: Sun