• These classic tropical flowers, with their yellow petals and rich pink throats, conjure up an island paradise like few other plants can.
  • The big, bold flowers just don't stop all summer long.
  • The Hollywood™ Hibiscus collection was bred specifically to bloom profusely and to have excellent disease resistance, too.
  • 'Chatty Cathy' is a perfect container plant in non-tropical locations, too. Just make sure she comes to live inside by a bright sunny window during the winter months (she need 6 hours of sun a day) for her to stay green until she can go outside again.
  • Try putting her in large pots on decks, patios or poolside with other big leaved tropicals for an instant endless-summer paradise wherever you live. Make sure she gets plenty of consistent water to look her best. (If she gets too dry she will drop her buds.)

Hibiscus Tree (Chatty Cathy)

    • Bloom time: Spring 'til first frost
    • Light: Full Sun-6 or more hours of direct sunlight daily
    • Hardiness: Zone 9-Protect your patio planters by bringing them indoors in the winter.
    • Size: 4' H x 5' W when planted in the landscape. Patio plantings can be pruned to maintain an optimal size
    • Spacing: 3-4'
    • Water: Keep soil moist until established
    • Prune: As needed and desired to maintain shape
    • Plant Food:  Apply slow release once per year in early Spring
    • Mulch: Keep a layer of mulch around the base of the plant year-round to conserve water and reduce weeds.