• Incredibly vibrant pink flowers cover the evergreen, glaucous blue-grey foliage.
  • The habit is compact and mounding to a height of about 7" tall and wide.
  • Even more wonderful, the flowers exude the spicy scent of cloves.
  • Though budding is most prolific in early summer, plants often rebloom in the fall.

Dianthus (Neon Star)

    • Height: 7 Inches
    • Spread: 7 Inches
    • Flower Color: Pink shades Purple-red shades
    • Foliage Color: Silver/grey shades
    • Sunlight: Full Sun (> 6 hrs. Direct Sun)Part Shade (4-6 hrs. Direct Sun)
    • Water Requirements: Low Water NeedsAverage Water Needs
    • Soil Quality: Average Soil Quality
    • Soil Chemistry: Neutral Soil (pH = 7.0)Alkaline Soil (pH > 7.0)
    • Bloomtime: Early SummerEarly Fall
    • Critter Resistant: Deer Resistant
    • Evergreen
    • Growth Rate: Medium